New news is Good news

Since moving to the Philly area last summer, I've been feeling a little out of touch with my old friends and clients. Sure, I get to hook up via e-mail, telephone, and ISDN for scripts and recording sessions... But it's not like the good old days when we all stared at each other through a couple layers of plate glass while working on a job.

So, this is the first in what I hope will be a long series of semi-frequent, but perhaps irregularily spaced updates, observations, and tid-bits from the other side of the mic.

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The Envelope, Please...

The passing of winter is marked by the arrival of robins, blooms, and the perrenial awards shows!

I voiced a bumper crop this year, including the Charlotte, NC, Addy awards, NC Brick Assn. Design Awards, SCAIA Archetectural Awards, and various salutes and testimonials for Duke Energy Co. and Sonoco Products, to name a few.

I'm A Loser!

...About 40 pounds in the past year. Nothing fits, but I feel great! Thanks, Weight Watchers.

April 2006 Issue

Was That Really You?

OK, so I got lucky and picked up some work from NFL Films, over on the Jersey side of the river. And, yes, they hired me to voice the official opening of the world television broadcast feed for this year's Superbowl game. Click HERE for a partial sample of the audio. I offered to do it live from the pressbox in Detroit, but they didn't go for it.

Gotta Have That VO NOW!!

The MrVO studio features the new Telos XStream codec for ISDN audio transfers. CD quality, real time, full duplex, stereo (if I talk out of both sides of my mouth.)

Fax or e-mail the script to me, have your studio dial my SPID numbers (a couple of regular telephone numbers) and in a few seconds we'll be connected as clearly as if I was sitting there with you. Minutes later, you've got your VO in hand, ready for final production!

Call for dial-up numbers, or for the name of an ISDN-equipped studio near you.

Better-Half Booking & Billing

"MrVO" is getting much-needed office support now from "MrsVO". My lovely wife,Irene, will be happy to book your session or help with billing questions.

Featured Studio:
Jay Howard ProductionAudio

It should be no surprise that I chose Jay's facility, in Charlotte, NC, to be the first studio featured in my newsletter. I literally lived at Jay's for more than a quarter of a century! I served as audio engineer/producer, voice talent, office worker, janitor, handyman, PR agent, chief cook and bottle-washer, among other positions. Some people thought I was a part-owner, but I was just did a lot of work there on a per-job basis.

I say this with a great deal of pride, because the name "Jay Howard" has become ,over the decades, a benchmark in audio production excellence in the SouthEastern US.

The man himself, Jay Howard, is modest, quiet, unassuming, and completely dedicated to his clients... which is why his studio has been so successful for so long. To check the studio out on the web, click here.

New Dealer in Las Vegas

...Car dealer, that is. I am now the voice of Towbin Automotive, selling Infinity, Hummer, Bently/Rolls Royce, and Dodge vehicles. Quite a mix, eh? Here's a sample spot

Contact Info. Update

I've had some changes in the past few months, so please check your information to be sure you have my latest numbers.
... 610-321-2511 (home/studio)
... 610-321-0628 (dedicated fax)

... 704-577-9472 (cell phone)
And, of course, my web site:

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