April 2011 issue


EXTRA: BREAKING NEWS Joe Gets Off Ass And Writes a Newsletter!!!

OK... so it's been about five months since I cranked one of these little gems out. The fact that the lapse sno-blowcoincides with our first winter in NY's Hudson Valley is notable, as is the fact that this was one of the hardest winters in NY history.

I caught the flu. I gave it to Irene. We traded germs back and forth all winter. I moved all of my studio gear to the 3rd floor of our rental house (up old, narrow, curvy victorian stairs) and messed up a few discs in my back. Then I tripped on the sidewalk and broke 4 ribs... All while continuing to voice commercials and videos on a daily basis!

But it's Springtime! The sun is out! My ribs almost don't hurt any more! And I'm going to try to get back in the groove!


The Doctor Is "In"!

Irene, known affectionately to her students as Dr. Van Riper, was recently elected to the position of Regional Representative to the NY Council for Exceptional Children.

She is quick to point out that there was nobody else on the ballot !

But such details have in no way diminished my pride in her dedication to disadvantaged school children.

IpicI am, however, aware that, as demand for her on the speaker's circuit increases, so does my role as official chauffeur!

Hmmmm... a new career, at my age?!? Ah well... c'est la vie!

Do You Hear Voices?

You'd be hearing mine a lot, if you were hanging around the MrVO studio! I managed to stay fairly busy through the winter months with old, long-time customers as well as brand new ones. Recent projects include:

  • forkliftForklift Safety: A non-broadcast video produced by Media Source One in Florence, SC, as an element of Sonoco Products Company's employee safety training.

  • Price Choppershopping:Radio and TV spots, aired mostly in the Albany area of upstate NY, for a large chain of regional grocery stores.
  • Awards Presentations: awardMy voiceover often accompanies live presentations at awards dinners and shows, usually at the very beginning or end of a year. The latest include somePower Partner Awards for Duke Energy, The NIAA, ,and the SC Governor's School for Science and Math Townes Award.

  • Political ads:boot! Did you notice in the news recently that Mayor Alvarez of Miami was tossed out of office by a whopping 80% (un)popular vote in a recall election? Guess who voiced the media ads that called for his removal?

My voice was also on a new image piece for Carolina Healthcare System, an ad for the NASCAR.com Superstore, the Consumer's Energy utility Co. in Michigan, an employee orientation video for EnPro, AutoNation's "Cusomer Manifesto", NC Med-Assist,
high-tech pool equipment called the Paddock Evacuator, and the Pennsylvania Prison System, to name just a few!

Upstairs Neighbors...

Last Fall, Irene and I assumed that the scratching and thumping sounds we heard above our bedroom at night were just branches from a tree. But then we noticed that when there was no wind at all, the noises were still there !

That's when we discovered that we had become unwitting hosts to a bunch of freeloading wildlife! A guy working under the commercial name, "CritterMan", came to check it out.

He squirrel trapfound a huge squirrel's nest in the rear attic, above our bedroom! So he anchored baited traps at the hole in the eave's soffet, after plugging all other means of entry and exit. This, after a few days, yielded a half dozen of the dirty little rodents who were promptly relocated a few miles away to a wilderness area.

While he was at it, "Critter Man" nest checked out the other, front attic on the house.( The two attics are separated by my studio.) Out he came with what he called, "...the biggest damn hornet's nest I ever saw!" It had been right above Irene's office, which explains why she kept finding bugs in her windows!


A Day Hour In The Life...

About 60 words. Just 30 seconds of copy. But for me, a Joseph A.. Bank TV spot is an hour-long workout, directed by George Van Allen and engineered by Bobby Aycock at CHP in Charlotte, NC.

Here's a sample of a session...

After several years and dozens of these sessions, I stopped worrying about not "getting it right" quickly. I now realize that this is just the normal process.

No Matter if it's Natural or Man-Made...

disaster & kids

What do we tell the kids?

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