December 2006 Issue

The Miracle

This is truly a season of miracles. For Christians, it’s the miracle of Christ’s birth. For Jews it’s the miracle of the temple lamp oil at Hanukkah. Each of us can find miracles nearby, if we just take the time to look.

Mine lives next door.

Her name is Charlotte (which makes her even more special to me.) She is the daughter of Byron and Melissa, a young couple just starting their lives together. And it is a miracle that she will now celebrate her first Christmas.

She was born July 25th (Irene's birthday) after only 26 weeks of gestation! Only two months! Charlotte came into this world barely big enough to fit in a butter dish. Her lungs had not finished developing, and the doctors were unsure how some of her other organs would fare.

Byron and Melissa nearly lived at the hospital for weeks.
The odds were not good, yet little Charlotte showed a fierce will to live. Slowly the life support equipment went away as she grew more healthy.

Now, with a child’s most favorite day of the year just around the corner, Charlotte is home with her parents, waiting for a jolly fat man in a red suit to come visit her.

And he will certainly come. I guarantee it!

Client of the Month

The first time I worked with Kerry Floyd, I drove from Charlotte, NC, to Sonoco Products Co.’s headquarters in Hartsville, SC. That was at least a decade or two ago!

Kerry was the in-house video producer for Sonoco’s employee orientation videos and training programs. I became the generic voice of Sonoco.

They are not to be confused with the oil company, Sunoco. Sonoco is the packaging company that invented the now ubiquitous plastic shopping bag.

Eventually, Kerry left Sonoco to open his own video production company, Media Source One, in Florence, SC. And, of course, Sonoco’s video business went with him. As did Bill Gilmer, who, with Kerry, had comprised the remainder of the in-house production department. Since then, Bill, Kerry and his wife Georgia have stayed plenty busy, barely leaving time for Kerry to pursue his favorite pastime, fishing.

While I still get to work frequently with Kerry, in spite of my move to PA, I confess that I miss seeing him sitting in the control room window, scanning the script as I speak the lines. Maybe, using web cams, we can start doing sessions a little more like the good old days again.

Meanwhile, I am very grateful for both the business and the friendship of Kerry Floyd and Media Source One.

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Movie Trailer VO

Some of you may hear my voice on one of the trailers for one of this season's hottest holiday movies... The Nativity Story. INSP, the New Inspirational Network cable channel hired me to do a special version of the trailer for their own use. New Line Cinema heard it and liked it. They asked INSP for my contact information to inquire about using it in other venues, too.

Joe's Jolly Java

Always one to mess around with recipes and flavors, and a lover of good coffee, here's my latest spin on putting some kick in our coffee. It's even original... my own recipe, start to finish!

Ingredients): 5 scoops Coffee beans, one 4 inch stick of cinnamon, 3 whole alspice, 3 whole cloves, dash nutmeg and 3 whole peppercorns.

The coffee beans should be something rich and robust, like a Costa Rican or Kenyan high mountain bean. Break the cinnamon into small pieces, then dump everything into a coffee grinder and let 'er rip! Add heat and water, and in a few minutes you've got 12 cups of coffee, ideal for winter!

Rate Changes In Jan.

One last reminder... please check out changes in my rate card to be effective with the new year, January first. Nothing huge... just cost of living adjustments. But if you spot a potential problem or have a comment, now's the time to let me know!

MrVo's Holiday CD...

....probably isn't going to happen this year. At least not on the scale of past years. A few folks who don't have internet service or e-mail will get 'em. But, frankly, the production costs have been getting harder to absorb as the list of recipients has grown.

So this year I am putting links in this newsletter to both some of the past years' productions as well as a new one for this year. Please enjoy, and I ask that you not duplicate or distribute any of them. All voices are done by me and Irene. All music is done by people who have NO idea.....

Note: May take a while to download!
...Click one, then "take five."

The Cobweb Christmas.....14:20
Welcome Comfort ...........15:40
Crazy Cool Yule................8:32

Yes, Virginia (etc.)............5:55
(New for 2006)

Home Made Kaluah Recipe

This is a pretty tasty substitute for that expensive liqueur from south of the border, and a whole lot cheaper... if you've got the time to wait for it.

2 cups water
1 1/2 cups sugar
1/2 cup dry instant coffee
1/2 chopped vanilla bean

1 1/2 cups vodka

Boil water, dissolving the sugar in the water. Remove from heat and stir in the instant coffee. Add the vodka and vanilla bean and place in a jar. Cover, and shake once a day for three weeks. In four weeks strain and filter.

Suggested serving: Pour 1/2 oz. homemade kaluah into a parfait glass, then press spoonfulls of vanilla ice cream into the glass, forcing the kaluah up around the sides, blending with the ice cream. Squirt on a bit of whipped topping, and serve.Yummmmmm!

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