A very late February 2010 issue! Sorry!

Almost March?

The last time I missed posting an issue of my "Punch Ins" newsletter was almost two and a half years ago, when Irene and I moved back to the Charlotte area. I'm doing my best to avoid letting that happen again, but this is already almost two weeks late.

Let's just say that the Van Ripers have been operating from a state of utter chaos for several weeks now, with crises on many different fronts to deal with. But, we are dealing with them. And we've had some wonderful things happen along the way.

For example, Irene has launched her teaching career in higher education with a graduate class at Queens University (first mentioned in the Dec. newsletter). But more notably, she has been receiving follow-up requests for interviews from several other colleges and universities who've been impressed with her professional background and areas of expertise.

The fact is she has already accepted an offer, from a highly respected institution, as an assistant professor. Details will follow as things continue to develop.


Medal Controversy?

During the Vancouver winter olmpics, I heard someone on NPR quip that Lindsey Vonn could lose her Gold Medal because reports indicated that President Obama had gone downhill faster than she did! Ouch.

Lip Service

The voiceover biz is moving along a bit better than this time last year, but it's still pretty spasmodic... days of little action followed by a spate of calls that all want it done yesterday! No complaints, mind you... I'm glad to get whatever work comes my way. And I've certainly gotten my share, considering the state of the economy.

I recently did a fun, off-beat spot advertising "Blackheart Rum", supposedly named after a lusty, scantily-clad babe in pirate regalia who drank and carroused like a man! Arrrrg, matey!!

In the let's-all-improve-ourselves category, I've done work for Davenport University in Michigan, and Wellpoint Healthcare who is so big, one out of every nine Americans is a member of one or another of their affiliated health plans!

When the race season kicked off with the Daytona 500, my voice was ready when the checkered flag dropped, announcing immediate availability of NASCAR race memorabilia online, through the superstore site. I don't think anybody anticipated Jamie MacMurray's Impala coming in first, but the on line Superstore was even ready for that eventuality, with Bass Pro Shops fan merchandise!

There were more Jos. A. Bank TV spots to do, several car dealers (except Toyota), and one of my favorites, Zone Radio Imaging, with a new station jingle package to promote; PB&J! Check out some of the other wacky jingle demo montages I've voiced on his web site. Zone Radio Imaging.


Need Professional Help?

To fellow voiceover talent: Before you start to build your own home studio, be sure to watch this!

Apple Comparison Test...

... But if Steve Jobs dreamed it up, it'll be a winner! The iPod had problems at first, too. Just wait!

Had Enough Winter Yet?

Take a minute to remember the last few summers, when nobody laughed at "global warming" and our air conditioners never seemed to stop running! It wont be long....

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